Curse of the Buddha

Year 2248 AD

The Dragon, as the ancients called China fondly, was beheaded. Fujian province was in ruins. Quanzhou city, was the epicenter of devastation. People liberation army was washed off in the aftermath of war. A distant bark of Devil; the sniffer dog was a haunt in the dust. Somehow, he survived to tell the story.

Year 2239 AD

it all started with greed. While the Dragon survived the nuclear holocaust, PLA (People Liberation Army) ensured round the clock curfew in all major cities. The commercial trade was stalled. With no export, economy was dwindling. Survival overpowered ambition. In the midst of clockwork, one of the begotten historians’ decided to exploit the curfew. Driven by his madness, he decided it’s time to unearth the forgotten treasure.

No we are not discussing names here; but for the sake of reader’s ownership let’s call this historian, Mr. Chi. Chi was history professor in one of the major universities’ in Shanghai. Hailing from a small town, he daydreamt of the long forgotten lore his elder spoke of.
The folklore was all he had as a heritage. He had no parents. A cynical man, he had believed that every person is driven by a selfish motive, so no one befriended him. The only living soul he cared for, was an army sniffer dog; a blood hound he rescued during one of his expeditions in yester years. The hound he rescued was discovered by him in a very bad shape. Poor dog was a victim of battle in South China Sea, during a pirate invasion of a military vessel carrying U-238 containment; an isotope of Uranium.


Chi lived with devil, the hound in his tiny studio apartment he rented out in the suburb of Shanghai. It all started one balmy night, when the starry sky was confounded with charcoal dust from smoke chimneys. Chi was researching his old papers on Silk Route; the ancient trading route which forged a bridge between cultures, trade and alliances between the Eastern & the Western hemisphere. It was half past midnight, when the bell rang at the door of his tiny apartment.
Now, who might be at this ungodly hour will pay a visit? He thought. Upon checking (read sneaking), he discovered a drunk neighbor collapsed on the floor. Reluctantly, he ought to leave the neighbor on his own. Meanwhile, Devil lazed in its crib. Probably, just the wrong door; devil must have thought so as not to raise an alarm for its master.

Quickly, He got back to his desk and read the research paper again with utmost honesty. Long back he had discovered that the Silk Route served more than simple trade. Han dynasty, a millennium ago conducted some metaphysical activities during their journeys on Silk Route which resulted in eerie landscape. Oddly, no one was to question the motives as this was all on Royal command. But all this carried a huge cost to the Royal bank as conducting secret experiments meant stalling the commerce & national trade so as to keep the silk route to themselves. Especially, isolating the Quanzhou city. In the years to come, children were born with disabilities. The river ran dry and the luscious landscape went barren.

But who was to care?

The power of coin moved the capital to Fujian Province. Soon, upon realizing the extremity of disaster those secret experiments were causing, The Ruling dynasty decided to shut operation and close the gates of Silk Route for generations to come.

Greeks were the most offended. This was not a gesture they expected from the Chinese traders they dealt with for decades. Indians were skeptical but decided to wait for the opportune moment. After all, the biggest trading route, now closed was damaging economic relations between these countries and no one loved to go to sleep, empty stomach.

Time was miser, and everyone was in for an unexpected surprise.