You save a Dog. A Dog Saves You.


Lonely, is wrong. But for a lonely soul, there always will be a friend. When you seek for it.
Dogs. Pure blessings. pocketful of joy.

They have a difficult life. its a dog bite dog world. like ours. for some, life comes easy as it gets. while the others, are street born. in either case, they are sometimes, left abandoned on the streets. Immediate rescue and finding shelter becomes a necessity.
Adoption acts as rehabilitation of sorts, for both. Also like any barter exchange, adoption of a dog benefits both parties.
Initially, it’s an alien world you live in for a few minutes, getting acquainted. the first back-rub, and everything is merry in the world.

And ultimately, they’re going to find out everything: how you chew, how you sip, how you hum, how you dance, how you smell at every point of the day. the fact that most of your friends are shallow. That how you also hate vague noises, how you can’t seem to listen, how you get hyper when you travel, how certain things make you really happy, how you get cranky because you’re too stupid to remember to sleep, that how you have no ability to save receipts.

They’re going to know all of it; everything about you, they’re going to know. And still, they’re going to love you.

Inspired by – Pedigree’s “Feed the Good” campaign.