We are Eternal, and Timeless

In a way, we’re all sort of eternal & Timeless. We never Die!

Here’s How.
We all have gravity.Any object with mass exhibits a gravitational field. So basically the day we are born our gravitational field becomes distinct, and begins to propagate out into space in an ever-growing sphere at exactly the speed of light.


Gravity eternally deflates. Our gravity field weakens over distance, but never reaches zero. Profoundly pervasive little infinitesimal waves expanding through space at light speed. 8.3 minutes after we’re born, our field of gravity is touching the surface of the sun. 5.5 hours later it reaches Pluto.

By one year of age, our field of gravity extends in a sphere around Earth with a total diameter of 11.8 trillion miles. At a little over four years old, our gravity field is brushing the surface of our nearest known star neighbor, Proxima Centauri. By the time we’re 30 years old, our gravitational field extends some 300 trillion miles around us into space.

Still feel small?

But the really crazy part is that when we die, our gravity will continue to exist forever, infinitely stretching out into the universe, passing through Andromeda millions of years from now, and beyond.

Everyone you have ever known, alive or not, is traveling right now through the depths of space. The gravity of our most distant ancestors, and everyone that has ever existed in the history of the world, faithfully hurtling out into the universe, eternally diminishing into nothingness but never truly disappearing. Like a glass of water that you pour, and pour, and pour but it still always has just one drop left to give.

I’d like to think when we go, our souls might hitch a ride on that wave of gravity and we can all spend eternity cruising the cosmos together.


2 thoughts on “We are Eternal, and Timeless

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