Social Media and the Art of StoryTelling

Dear All,

So far, we have come. We can express with a single click, an action can tell you my expression; how wondrous is that? For a person who struggled his way from days of BASIC, this is a magical world I live in.


What makes it work?

We do. For starters, We love socializing. telling stories has been a part of our lives since our days as a nomad, wandering for food and shelter. Knowing and learning from others gave us an edge in the process of evolution. in present day scenario, we are still learning everyday, believe me You!

But Where does this all learning come from? What is the key factor of influence?  

Let me help you with that. This all juices down to our superpower called “The power of Observation”. By observing, we learn and improvise. the more we observe, the more we learn about. I do it and so do you; its just that the degree varies from person to person.

We have a brave new world, an internet generation as they call it. we are fierce in expressions (REF: Twitter) and do not hesitate to share what floats our boat. However, as we progress we must know that every action or expression has implications on the person and society as a whole.

Are we responsible?

This is a question we must ask ourselves, every-time we venture into the territory of online media. in contrast to real life, virtual world keeps a record of our actions and it CANNOT be erased. Like an arrow, it cannot return once shot. It is important for us to be responsible so that our actions must not have repercussions which we may not appreciate to deal with later.

for better or worst, This online media is dynamic as we made it. We have seen the power it has over masses (REF: Tahrir Revolution, Indian Elections 2014 etc.); it’s up to us how we use the power vested.


P.S. – This is my first write-up on Social Media. I hope you’d like it as much as I welcome your suggestions. 🙂


Engaging socially,