Desi Jugaad – Solar Pump For Himalayan Terrains


Solar direct pumps deliver 3500 liters every day cost less than Rs.15000 and save Rs.500 per day spent on fuel. Pump 5 lpm x 2 used for reverse osmosis. PV panel 24V 150 watt. the pump can be used for head up to 200 feet and pumps in series can lift water many times over and thus can be used in remote mountain villages. Only changes will be bigger wattage. This technology is needed for drinking water in forests for animals. The herbivores can stay in wider area if water is pumped to upper areas.

Every thing is off the shelf. 75 watt 12V panel two no.s. R.O. Pumps two no.s + cable + pipes etc. One will need help of plumber for multiple pumps but that costs only Rs. 200 in India.
The pumps are from RO plants and we are using two 300 Gallon per day, GPD, pumps connected to two 12V, 80W panels connected in series to give 24Volt 80 watt. Any electrician or TV mechanic can do this in 10 minutes. The wires are then directly connected to pumps. Each pump gives 1750 liters/day. I think availability of water is biggest concern in camps at heights. Same panels have extra power available during afternoon and can be used to charge batteries and mobile. Since wood is available easily in mountains the solar cooking or heating is not required.


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