Dining with Ancestors – The Afterlife

547240_407468292609390_167862229903332_1241635_326390826_nCan we meet our loved ones and ancestors in the afterlife?

There are 13 subtle and intangible regions we can go to after death. In the current era, approximately only 5% of us make it to the positive regions of Heaven (Swarga), Maharlok and above.

Some principles that govern which of our departed ancestors we can meet in the afterlife:

1. Same region:
Subtle-bodies of relatives in the same region can meet each other easily. For example, two subtle-bodies of relatives in the Nether region (Bhuvarlok) can meet each other.

2. Subtle to subtler regions:
It is not possible for a person in a subtle (intangible) plane to meet a person in an even more subtle-plane of existence. After the Earth region (Bhūlok), the Nether region is the most gross (tangible). A subtle-body in one of the planes in the Nether region cannot go to meet a subtle-body in Heaven or the 1st Region of Hell (Pātāl).

3. Subtle-regions to more gross regions:
A subtle-body from a more subtle-plane of existence can go to a grosser (less subtle) plane of existence. For example, a subtle-body in the 3rd Region of Hell can go to meet a person in the 1st Region of Hell on a temporary basis. Such visits usually last for as long as they are required and are also dependent on the spiritual strength of the visiting subtle-body.

4. Subtle higher regions:
Subtle-bodies in the higher positive subtle-regions of Maharlok are so spiritually advanced that they are devoid of desires including the desire to meet family members. The main purpose of their existence is to grow spiritually.

5. Subtle-bodies in Heaven experience immense happiness and are generally caught up in the subtle-pleasures that Heaven has to offer. As a result, the desire to meet previous relatives just does not encroach upon their consciousness.

6. Visiting Region of the Dead or Earth: Subtle-bodies in any subtle-region can visit the subtle-bodies in the Region of the Dead or Earth region.

7. A ghost of higher spiritual strength in the lower regions of Hell can temporarily enter higher positive regions such as Heaven to upset the peace.

Did you know that there can also be risks involved with meeting our loved ones or deparated ancestors in the afterlife?

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The Upanishads

upanishads2 (1)

As a fish swims forward to one riverbank then the other,
Self alternates between awakeness and dreaming.
As an eagle, weary from long flight, folds its wings,
gliding down to its nest, Self hurries to the realm
of dreamless sleep, free of desires, fear, pain.
As a man in sexual union with his beloved
is unaware of anything outside or inside,
so a man in union with Self knows nothing, wants nothing,
has found his hearts’s fulfillment and is free of sorrow.
Father disappears, mother disappears, gods and scriptures disappear, thief disappears, murderer, rich man, beggar disappear, world disappears,
good and evil disappear; he has passed beyond sorrow.

– The Upanishads

The War Within – Afganistan



The War in Afghanistan is Escalating, Not Ending


Many people are breathing a sigh of relief to see international combat troops leaving Afghanistan. All foreign combat forces are slated to withdraw by the end-2014 deadline, and many have already gone. Deaths among foreign troops have fallen reassuringly.

For Afghans, however, the war goes on. Many civilians are being injured and killed. More than 400 Afghan soldiers and police are dying each month. People are fleeing their homes – almost 60,000 of them in the first six months of 2013 – and many are trying desperately to get their families to safety outside the country. For them, there is no end in sight.

And in many respects, the war is escalating. A United Nations report released today shows a 23 percent increase in civilian casualties so far this year compared with the same period in 2012. Among the civilians hardest hit? Women and children. Civilian casualties of women caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are up by a mind-boggling 138 percent over 2012, and overall civilian casualties of women are up by 61 percent, while injuries and deaths of children are up by 30 percent over 2012.

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Photo: An Afghan boy cries during a funeral of members of his family in Logar province, Afghanistan on March 27, 2013. © Reuters



Plaque Jewellery

Seven gold plaques, each decorated with two female heads in relief, perhaps Astarte, in a window-like frame of granulation. The central plaque has a boss decorated with granulation, and five suspended beads; the other six plaques have four suspended beads.

c.700-600 BC

Orientalising Period (Greek)

(Source: The British Museum)